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an aid to Fat Loss and Cellulite 

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HERBAL contour APPLICATORS/WRAPS are a site specific, self adhesive,  non woven cloth applicator that are impregnated with a powerful botanical based herbal formula that delivers maximum SKIN REJUVENATION results. 


HERBAL contour APPLICATORS continuously hydrate so you receive a smoother, more youthful looking skin and may assist in the appearance of unsightly fatty accumulations under the skin and may address skin slackening.

They can be applied to many areas of the body (stomach, hips, upper arms, thighs etc)  and once applied, they remain in place like MAGIC!

  1. Mess Free

  2. Simple to Use

  3. No Gooey Mess left behind

  4. NO  Glad Wrap to secure


HERBAL CONTOUR APPLICATORS are quite large (44cm x 17cm approx), and are very stretchy.  Can also be cut to do more than one area at a time.

Results can be seen in as little as 45 minutes (minimum) but the longer you leave them on, the better.

Progressive and improved results will continue for the next 72 hours.

Best results are experienced when combined with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Can be used anywhere on the body  - Arms, Stomach, Hips, Muffin tops, Legs, Buttocks - you choose where you want to improve.

Assists detoxification and the removal of unwanted accumulated waste within fat cells

MUST DRINK AT LEAST 2 LITRES OF WATER (8 glasses) before, during and after for good results

Use 1 Wrap a week initially for a month to see exciting results.  


  • If pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • Avoid using on your abdomen when menstruating - this will affect your results.  Use on other areas during this time.

  • Major medical illness 

  • Not for use on Children

  • Contains IODINE

  • If you have any medical condition, health concern, or taking prescriptive medications, consult with your Health Care Provider before using. No therapeutic claims are made.